Monday, February 29, 2016

Ice-Cold Published in the New Third Flatiron Anthology

It's Come to Our Attention
Third Flatiron Anthology
Edited by Juliana Rew
Cover by Keely Rew

"It's Come to Our Attention" from Third Flatiron Anthologies is about things that could be happening quietly, without a lot of fanfare, but which could still be extremely significant or make a big difference.

Visit a landfill to hear some real trash talk. Tag along with an alien agent here to save the earth from his hideout in the insane asylum. Bust a conspiracy to change the climate via mind control. Form an unhealthy attachment to your radio. Go down to the basement even though we told you not to. Decide on the pros and cons of immortality. Tell a librarian she would look really great without her glasses. Find out what's at the bottom of the wishing well (besides coins). Indulge in a little illegal but highly satisfying genetic tinkering. Acknowledge the debt we all owe to French culture.

Fourteen international authors come together to scratch below the surface to unearth a world of hidden gems.

As one of the fourteen international authors, my contribution is Ice-Cold. Steve is sure that blizzards in June aren't natural, but it's not till his undercover activist girlfriend Claire uncovers a conspiracy that he discovers the enormity of what's going on. Or the strangeness of the method the conspirators are using.

You can buy It's Come to Our Attention as either an ebook for $3.19 or a trade paperback for $8.99 from the ThirdFlatiron site. Alternatively, you can buy it for £2.20 or £6.23 from