Thursday, February 12, 2015

Guesting on Sancocho Pot

Today I'm guesting on Sancocho Pot, the blog of my friend and fellow-author Nicholas Mena, as part of his Diversity in Fantasy series. For my post, I've discussed how I approach diversity in my work generally, and in particular in The Lone and Level Sands.

Diversity in fantasy isn't some "politically correct" fad. If you look at it the other way round, the question is why shouldn't there be diversity? In any remotely believable world, it's the default, not some special case, and the question isn't why have a diverse cast, but why not?

Please follow Nick's excellent blog in general, and particularly the thoughts on diversity from other guests that will appear throughout February.

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  1. Thanks for the props, Nyki. All success to you and your excellent book.