Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Tale Trove

The Tale Trove
East Herts Fantasy Writers Group Anthology
Cover by URCO Sara Moro
Available in paperback or on Kindle from and (also on other versions of Amazon)
The Tale Trove is the first anthology of the East Herts Fantasy Writers Group. Enter a world of magic and wonder, as you explore the Trove's stories. There, the elusive Treasure Goblin has hoarded the best tales to keep him amused.
Featuring twenty three stories and poems, all themed around fantasy, sci-fi, horror and general fiction.
Sean Patrick Giblin: The Festival of Nets. A long grimdark tale in three parts about a shapeshifting thief.
Lynette Bishop: The Miracle, The Battle and the Dragon, My Enemy's Hands, The Celebration of Seven. A fairy tale as related by its protagonist, an unlikely Christmas fable, and a disturbing magical dystopia.
David Trebus: The Night Mist. The Giant, The Void, Flame Dance, Song, Story. A tale of a haunted village, a pair of surreal fables, an epic battle between lovers representing light and dark, and two poems.
Sandra Norval: Tsukiko, Half a House, Turmoil, EstampielDiary of a No Mark. A Japanese fable, two haunting ghost stories, a comic tale of angelic bureaucracy, and... well, you'll just have to read Diary of a No Mark.
Nyki Blatchley: Return Switch, Hanuut's Stand, I See a Voice, On a Nameless Shore, The Heat-Death of the Ocean, Willows on a Dark Mere. A magicpunk tale, a warrior's last stand, the gossip of the dead, and three poems.
And introducing the Treasure Troll, who kindly wrote the introduction.

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