Thursday, March 1, 2012

At An Uncertain Hour now available on Kindle

At An Uncertain Hour
by Nyki Blatchley

Published by Publishing

Cover art and design by Peter Joseph Swanson

At An Uncertain Hour has been available for nearly three years as a paperback, but the good people at StoneGarden have now made it available for download to Kindle.  It can be found here on for £1.94 and here on for $3.08

As two armies stand poised for the final battle of a millennium-long war, the immortal, charismatic leader known only as the Traveller reflects on what led him, long ago, to begin this war of liberation.  Amid the alarms and encounters of a sleepless night, he thinks back over three thousand years of life: the loves and hates, the victories and disasters, the moral dilemmas – and the lost love he still mourns.  As battle is joined, the tale has a few more twists to throw at the Traveller.

Meet the Traveller, the unforgettable hero of this fantasy epic: immortal but unswervingly human, with a huge appetite for life and an insatiable curiosity about the world.  Torn between his desire for a free, wandering life and his inability to turn away when he sees injustice and oppression, he has become a legend throughout a world that is not unlike our own, full of love and idealism, hatred and cruelty.  Let him tell you his story, the epic tale in which the Traveller’s fate has become inextricably linked to that of his world.

K. A Severson, writing for, said:

The Traveller and the people he’s known are all very interesting and the way their stories interlock kept me turning pages until long past bedtime...Blatchley’s pacing is good and how he plays different time periods in the Traveller’s life as he tells his own story is great.

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