Friday, September 23, 2011

The Eternal Soceress Published in Shelter of Daylight

The Eternal Sorceress, a story about Eltava, wanderer, swordswoman and companion of the Traveller, features in the new edition of Shelter of Daylight.  This tale concerns an older Eltava, struggling with the emotional problems of being an mortal companion to an immortal, and a young, enthusiastic girl with a possible solution.

Shelter of Daylight is a biannual print anthology from the same stable as the excellent Aoife's Kiss and is edited by Tyree Campbell and Herika Raymer.  This edition also features stories by Melissa Mead, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Jonathan S. Pembroke, Matthew Keville, Anne E. Johnson, Matthew Bey, Heather Kuehl, Adnane Rehane, G.O. Clark, Rone Wisten, Milo James Fowler and Erika Holt, as well as plenty of poetry.


  1. Awesome - awesome, in fact, a fellow writer and acquaintance is also featured in that publication ... a fellow who made personal note of you on his blog:

    I see how it is! :)

  2. Hey Stoneaxe, I didn't realise that was you. I loved that story. I just tried to post a comment on your Livejournal, but it wouldn't let me use my Google account. Hm.

  3. Not surprised; LJ is pretty finicky and my patience is running out. I think i am going to switch to Blogspot as soon as I get the gumption to do so.

    But thanks for the praise, I enjoyed yours very much.